Azadirachta indica

plantation: Bore, Kenya


Family: Meliaceae
Common names: Neem, azadirac de l’Inde, margosier,
Type of foliage: Evergreen
Life expectancy: 150 years
Total weight of CO2 captured: 500 Kg
Height: 20 m


What the planter likes about it

Neem trees are known in Swahili as Muarubaini which means - the tree of 40 uses - It is called this because it is believed to cure 40 different diseases. It is particularly drought resistant and has an adaptation whereby it can lose its leaves in the most extreme dry periods and then grow them back once the rains come. Can be planted on very infertile soils. Neem is a very drought-resistant species and is used by the community in Bore for a variety of medicinal purposes. It is also valued as cooking fuel and when it is used in this way, the farmers do not need to cut down their existing natural tropical forest.In this locale, neem is probably the best type of tree to grow if our aim is to slow down tropical deforestation.

Species particularities

Azadirachta indica is a fast growing plantation tree with multiple accepted uses. It will start to produce fruit in 3 to 5 years. Thanks to its many uses and fast growth green investors like the Neem tree. It is good for carbon sequestration. Besides food and lumber, it provides wood fuel, tannins, glue, oil, numerous traditional and modern medicines and wildlife habitat. Neem is termite resistant, but most importantly provides valuable organic insecticides used in plantations and in commercial products.

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